Sacred Bitches Edit

The Sacred Bitches are a holy group, serving as servants to anyone who successfully obtains the power of the BootyHoleMcGuyver. The group was created by the seven Anti-Aids Gods soon after the first Bootyholemcguyver was chosen in order to support him in battle. Each of the Sacred Bitches is granted the power of one of the Gods, allowing for them to compare to even the strongest foes.

The First Sacred Bitches Edit

The first Sacred Bitches served together for many millennia, helping the Gods search for a worthy Bootyholemcguyver. Following the death of the first Bootyholemcguyver, they disbanded and all but two had their powers stripped away, being eliminated by the Gods for abandoning the Bootyholemcguyver.

The first Sacred Bitches included Memeus Supremus, Wadoodle, and Gayler.