BootyHoleMcGuyver Edit

The BootyHoleMcGuyver is a mystical energy that can enter any sentient being in order to give them unlimited access to the shitposting stream of power, at the cost of greatly reducing their IQ. Many have tried to wield the BootyHoleMcGuyver, but due to the side effects, have been rendered into mere intellectual animals. Only three beings have successfully used the BootyHoleMcGuyver, taking on the title of Bootyholemcguyver.

Origins of the BootyHoleMcGuyver Edit

The BootyHoleMcGuyver was formed when the Seven Gods of the Internet combined their powers with the Seven Anti-Aids God to create an energy strong enough to match any demonic being that the Gods' could create, so that if they were ever to become corrupt, the inhabitants of the universe could defend themselves. The first ever one to inherit the BootyHoleMcGuyver was killed the fourteen gods for being such too gay lmao, so whether they would have become Bootyholemcguyver is unknown. After 400 billion years of searching for a worthy user, the Gods found a man named Touch Kids. They inserted the BootyHoleMcGuyver into him, and he transformed into the first Bootyholemcguyver, but was killed in battle one year after obtaining the power.

The second successor was named T Nasty, and lasted for the longest period of time. Being the second Bootyholemcguyver, he took up the title of Bootyholemcguyver.V2. He died 100 years after becoming Bootyholemcguyver.V2, and passed his powers onto the current successor, named Biggus Dickus, who in turn became Bootyholemcguyver.V3.